The EPA States that “indoor air quality is the number one environmental health problem today”.  Indoor levels of pollutants can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels.  Continual inhalation of polluted air in your home coupled with highly polluted smog-filled outdoor air can cause you to suffer from allergies and even cause long term health issues.

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 Indoor Air Quality


With homes being built and insulated tighter than ever, homes are becoming virtually draft-free. With an Aprilaire filter system you can permanently trap mold spores, fungi, pet dander and dust particulates up to 98% at 1 micron.

UV Lighting

Sterilize and kill bacteria, viruses, mold spores, allergens and various airborne pathogens by installing one of our UV lighting systems.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

During the heating and cooling season, a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) recovers conditioned air from the outgoing stale household air and uses it to condition incoming fresh outdoor air. The HRV then distributes the incoming air throughout the house.


Whole House Humidifiers

Humidification equals warmth!  Humidifiers can also improve health issues like dry sinuses and dry skin while saving energy.  Moist air holds heat so you feel more comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, saving you energy.  For example, a customer who does not have a whole house humidifier may be comfortable at 75°; but with a humidifier installation the customer would feel just as comfortable at a 70-72°, saving energy on their operating costs.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Dehumidification equals comfort!  Whole house dehumidifiers remove an average of 10 gallons of moisture in a single day.  That's roughly 3 times the removal accomplished by a portable dehumidifier. Like humidifiers in the winter time, dehumidifiers in the summer time help you feel more comfortable at a higher thermostat setting, saving you energy throughout the cooling season.  For example, a customer who does not have a whole house dehumidifier may be comfortable at 72°, but with a dehumidifier installation the customer would feel just as comfortable at a 74-76°, saving energy on their operating costs.

 Zoning Systems

Zoning Systems are the perfect way to eliminate hot and cold rooms and provide an even temperature throughout your home or office.  Zoning Systems allow a single furnace/air conditioning system to have separate temperature zones in each room of your home or office.



       Arzel Zone Control Panel



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